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Message from NPHA secretary...

Post  Gamegetter on Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:24 am

I need nominations to bring up at the spring meeting so we can get a ballot together at the meeting. I do not have any or not enough in these divisions: President, Vice President, Breed Representative, Deceased Big Game Male, Deceased Big Game Female, Big Game Male of the Year, and Big Game Female of the Year. So, I need the nominations sent to me by April 18th. Also I have received some without a return address it is important that you put you name on the form or on the envelope so I can confirm that the person sending in the nomination is indeed a current paid up member. If you or someone you know has sent me nominations without your name or return address please contact me and let me know otherwise I cannot accept them according to the rules to get them on the ballot. No one has to know you nominated this person or dog just me so I can verify membership. If you have not sent in your nomination yet please do so. If the division you would like to make a nomination in is not listed above please still make that nomination as we have never had too many of any division in our nomination groups.

Pam Slaughter
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