New Book By Bob Plott

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New Book By Bob Plott

Post  Bob Plott on Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:04 am

I just wanted to let anyone that might be interested know that my third book has just been released--Legendary Hunters of the Southern Highlands. This book deals with some great, but little known hunters of Plott history--particularly the complete story of Little George Plott and the entire Maggie Valley NC Plott clan. Plus there are profiles of two other families that loved their Plott hounds--the Rich family and Dewey Sharp. Dewey's story is particularly interesting in that he offers a very credible theory about the legendary Blevins-Plott dogs. Dewey lived to be almost 99 years old and hunted until he was 96, He died two years ago and was a real treasure.

If you want to see a picture of the cover of the book, you can check out my website, and you can buy the new book (or any of my others) at,, or directly from me, as well as from your local bookstores.

Thanks again, and happy holidays and good hunting!

Bob Plott

Bob Plott

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