Plott pups

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Plott pups

Post  joe polly on Sat Oct 25, 2008 4:58 am

Male and Female pup for sale $250 each. Date of birth 8-22-08 Male is black brindle, female is brown brindle both have a small spot of white on there chest.

------------------Wch,Fch,Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Smokey
------Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Rebel
------------------Pr`Polly`s Tuffoot Patsy II
Sire-Grfch,Grwch,Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Mr. Rc. Jake
------------------Grfch,Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Packman
------Pr`Jessie`s Sawgeat Sage
------------------Pr`Polly`s Tuffoot Miss Polly
------------------Pr,Bearhearts Lobo
------Ntch,Grfch,Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Mr. Rc. Boone
------------------Wch,Ch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Ms Joansy
Dam-Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Mis Rc. Starlite
------------------Grch,Pr,Polly`s Smokey
------Grch,Pr,Polly`s Tuffoot Sadie II
------------------Grch,Pr, Boone`s Sadie

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Pups still for sale???

Post  Clarence Linton on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:34 am

Joe Polly, do you still have these pups for sale? I'm in Michigan and would like to come and take a look if they are. Thanks! Clarence Linton email or phone 989-287-2076

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