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Rebel Pride Reba

Post  Plott Proud on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:51 am

My Buddy that I let hunt this little female for me while I was gone for a week, told me that she did a bang up job on the group of Hogs that they encountered.
Her first time out of the piggy's, she got right in there and got em bayed and then grabbed the ears and held them as well! Cool
I didn't really expect any less of her. She's got the tenacity and the Grit in her, that's for sure Exclamation

I know these aren't Hog Hunting pics, but they're just to showcase what's to come.

I hope to have some pics of her doing just that here in the near future.

@ 9 months old

@ 1 yr. old.

@ 17 months old.
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